Can You Live This Fantasy Life?


Can You Live This Fantasy Life?
I wanted to be Devin's bad girl so badly I could taste it.

Not only do I feel the stinging betrayal of being led into a trap, but I also instinctively know that being a super sexually charged woman leads men to polarize me into the second half of the “virgin/whore” dichotomy.  This in itself doesn’t particularly bother me, but I do find that they don’t know how to treat “whores” with respect.  The other (what I find more troubling) piece to this is that rather than simply scoff at his lame-ass attempts at revving my engines with “wear your heels, okay baby?”--I’m busy fretting about how he’s going to view me because of my creative proclivities. 

Seriously, what’s the point of fantasizing if you’re not going to stretch your sexual muscles—at least in your head?

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