"Hunger Games" Josh Hutcherson On Sacrificing It All For Love


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The 19-year-old actor—who's about to become a mega star—tells us about fighting for what you want.

Are you ready for your life to change in a major way once this film comes out?
It's weird. As an actor, your goal is to be successful and have a lot of people love your work. When it happens in such a major way, your life does change and you lose your anonymity. That's something as an actor you want to happen whether it's over the course of 20 years or in a few years. This is happening quickly. I just always take it day-by-day. I love what I do and I'm willing to sacrifice everything to do it.

There were some rumblings online about your casting as Peeta – did you ever read any of the tweets or postings?
I never went online. The only time I ever hear about this stuff is when people at interviews bring it up. Everyone has an opinion. You can read one hundred things and 99 will be good. The only thing you take away from it is the one bad thing – you want to fix it or change it. There is no use in reading that stuff.


Didn't you fight hard for the role of Peeta?
With Hunger Games, I actually said out loud, "If I don't get this role, I don't know what I'm going to do." Obviously, I was going to keep acting. But with Hunger Games and the role of Peeta, I never read a role on the page where I felt that connection. I knew I was right for that role – more right than I had ever been for a role in my entire life. I said to myself, "If you don't get it then you're just a bad actor." That's how I felt in my soul. There was that deep of a connection. Vanessa Hudgens Declares 'I'm Just Friends' With Josh Hutcherson

On a personal level, how do you identify with Peeta?
This character is like me in that he believes that no matter what circumstances you're in, you have to remain true to yourself as a person. He also has a self-deprecating sense of humor and likes to communicate with the people in his life. I'm a people person. That's very much who I am. 

Can we bug you for anything regarding your personal life?
(Laughing) Just like in the movie, I know that women always have the upper hand. Yep, us guys are putty.

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