Being a Lady isn’t an Option!!!


Being a Lady isn’t an Option!!!
Raising our level of standards to get the respect we deserve.

I know today times are harder and women are dealing with much more than woman in the past. Presently, women are sometime both parents in the house. With each of those woman I have mentioned, all had past history that found its way to the public later after they spent their time in the white house, except for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I point this out to say that your past doesn’t always shape your future. What does shape your future is your current state of mind. I find a lot of woman want to talk about pimping themselves out for monetary gain (Club entrance, trinkets, money, favors) is a form of prostitution, there is no getting around it, it’s a fact. Its seems that everyone wants respect but wants to take the easy way out, in getting what they want out of life. Lately I been told don’t question how someone eats if you’re not going to feed them. I will simply answer “I pay enough taxes and food stamps are available to anyone that qualifies”. We don’t pat a bum on the back if they shopped lift something to eat. We point them to the nearest food pantries. I will not pat woman on their back that say I’m just doing what I have to do. First Ladies work full-time jobs or get a second job, never do they compromise there self integrity. As #WomanNation we must keep our standards of behavior high so we’ll be respected by men, just because they notice a First Lady in the room.

#ShowingLuv the First Lady way… xoxo

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