Being a Lady isn’t an Option!!!


Being a Lady isn’t an Option!!!
Raising our level of standards to get the respect we deserve.

These blogs for me are about challenging the standards that people and mostly woman seem to accept on how we should be treated and how we behave. I ask my readers to take a glance at the behavior of #WomanNation and acknowledge that a change is necessary. At times what I say will make some say “who does she think she is” I’ll simply answer “Me”. If somebody being them makes you feel a sort of way about yourself, It’s oblivious; you have some questions about the choices you’ve made in life. I have a standard of behavior I carry myself with, that works for me!!! I don’t care about being liked, but I have never had a problem with being respected by those that like or disliked me. I just admire the old throwback era when woman were respected by men. There was a time boys and men respected woman just because they should. In 2012 men tend to only respect woman in their family or the ones they have gotten to know personally.

I chose the moniker First Lady because it was the most obvious view that we see in the media that all men everywhere respect. Our Presidents are criticized from head to toe about past decisions in every aspect of their life. I mean we know who smoked weed or which President cheated on their wife. What has never been questioned is the purity and respectfulness of their wives character. The media and just the world period, when they talk about the First Lady, she is spoken about as being elegant and a standard of what a woman should aspire to emulate. I mean think about Jacqueline Kennedy, she was a trend setter her fashion was highlighted all over the world. I mean when woman think of woman being independent there is no one better to think of then Hillary Clinton. She stands in the political arena on her own right, but she has stood by her man and remained Hillary Rodham Clinton. I can go further back and talk about Dolley Madison, she was the social butterfly that helped engineered her husband James Madison. Dolley Madison is the one I admire the most, if we think about today’s current White House and the galas and dinners are Dolley’s signature left in the political arena. Everyone knows that deals and alliance aren’t always made in the oval office or board rooms. These dinners and gatherings are where James Madison was able to build his name and his wife provided him that opportunity with her charm and the way she ran the White House.

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