March Madness Time: 5 Reasons To Date A Girl Who Loves Sports


women cheering basketball
When you're watching basketball 'round the clock, you want a woman who can relate.

4. Your friends will love her. She'll never be at a loss for words around the guys when she can incite a debate over LeBron and MJ, or which players belong on an all-time baseball Dream Team. There's nothing worse than dating someone your friends secretly despise. Avoid that debacle, and date someone they can talk to.

5. No friends around? Take her to the game. Have you ever been dying to see the Cavs play, had an urge to catch a last-minute ball game, or had friends back out on the Broncos, after you already bought tickets? Yeah. That sucks. Unless you're dating a girl who loves sports, of course, who would be happy to go to the game with you, scream like crazy at the referees and offer insights on big plays.

Your turn, ladies: Why should a man date a woman who loves sports?

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