The Great Debate


The Great Debate
The He Said/She Said quandary for the sexes; can Men and Women ever just be friends?


I'm certain that I've dabbled a bit in this specific topic before, but today I'm making it my focal point.  There are a handful of people in my life who make for great inspiration in work that I post.  Now, while the majority are heinous exes of mine that provide nothing but ridiculously embarassing and outrageous bounties of personal relationship litter for me to distribute to the world at large, a few friends too make for plenty of worthy talk that ocassionally light a fire underneath my writers' block self and get the metaphoric literary ball rolling.  One whom I converse with pretty consistently has outstanding insight.  Like myself, he has developed the ability to cater to and grasp the inquiring minds of both genders, so he most certainly makes well for intruiging rounds of debate.  As the specific muse for my Private Talk article (scroll down to the bottom and you'll find it), I am certain to keep our dialogue frequent and open, as it is always a mystery when he will happen to throw some new ideas in my lap to write about.  He will remain anonymous as all of the people I speak of are by mutual agreement, and for selfish reason on my part to not want to share the identity of one of my key outlets!



Today he made this statement which I share with you word for word, "Boys and Girls can't be friends. There's no such thing. Both sexes - whether they realize it or not - are keeping potential partners around.   Look at the males you speak to, or are willing to entertain. I bet most - maybe not all, but most - are still prospective partners in that, they haven't reached their full earning potential.  Earnings obviously aren't everything, but I best most (a) haven't reached their full "breadwinning" capabilities and (b) would be suitable paternal figures to your kid."  


Remember When Harry Met Sally?  Yes, that is where this is going....


My knee jerk reaction was to defend myself and the men in my life who I call my good friends.  Hey, that idea just isn't true!  It sounds somewhat deceptive and of malicious intent to sabotage a wholesomely innocent friendship.  Surely the males in my corner of the world aren't keeping me around for that particular reason, I don't need to be someone's wife or girlfriend to have a place in their heart.  I mean come on, no one has made a straightforward attempt yet so how could his accusation be true?  But then I did what he said and looked over the males I speak to and am 'happy to entertain' as he put it.  While it just doesn't fly for all of my personal masculine collection (also as he said), he made a valid point that I just had to admit to....there most certainly ARE those whom I could/would take on as a prospective partner if the cards dealt my direction manifested that way eventually.


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