Exclusive! Elizabeth Olsen On What Scares Her The Most


Exclusive! Elizabeth Olsen On What Scares Her The Most
The 'Silent House' actress tells us about her rise to fame and her dark imagination. Spooky!

It seems that everyone in the world wants a piece of the Olsen empire—except for one person. Call her "The Other Olsen."

Elizabeth Olsen didn't ask her famed twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley for a career booster shot. The star of the hit Martha Marcy May Marlene and Silent House did it on her own.


"Everyone has to go it alone at some point. I just started out that way," says Olsen. "I also know that if I ever did need to ask for help, my sisters would be there  – 100 percent there."

At age 23, Olsen is one of Hollywood's newest movers and shakers. She already knows how to play the game. She already knows to avoid talking about her private life. She won't address rumors that she's dating hot True Blood actor, Alexander Skarsgard. "Oh, I'm not going to start talking about my personal life at all or addressing rumors like that," she counters. Alexander Skarsgard Only Lasts 8 Seconds In Bed

Over tea at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Olsen wears a flowing floor-length leopard skirt and a slouchy beige sweater. Her long blonde hair falls in long waves around her shoulders. She's happy to talk about her new scare fare Silent House, in which she plays a young woman cleaning out a summerhouse with her father and uncle. Soon, she finds that a strange force is stalking her.

Here, Olsen fills us in on the first film to be portrayed in 88 real-time minutes. 

Word is this movie is the first time you've ever seen yourself on the big screen.
It's true. I never saw Marcy May. I sat so low in my chair praying, "Please, please don't look at me. I hope no one notices I'm here!" It's so weird in a horror movie – people actually laugh because they're uncomfortable, which freaked me out. I was dealing with a lot of firsts hunkered down in my chair: first time seeing myself, first time seeing me in a horror film, and I'm in virtually every frame of the movie.

Did you get this job because of your amazing performance in Marcy May?
I got this job by saying, "Hi, I've only done two movies. I'm ready to audition. Please give me a job!" I'm a big horror movie fan. I love things that get your heart racing. The film with 88 minutes in real time sounded like an amazing challenge and very difficult to do.

Are you someone who is scared easily?
I do have a very fatalistic imagination. It's not that things scare me easily, I can just imagine very dark things, very fast. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's Kids Left In The Dark On Oscar Night

How did you prepare for the role?
I really studied people who dealt with trauma who ended up having multiple personality disorder. They block things out and then reveal the past to themselves in traumatic ways. Of course, some people go through life with this big scar. They never remember. They block it out forever.

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