Justin Timberlake Put A (Huge!) Ring On Jessica Biel's Finger


Future Mrs. JT shows off her new engagement ring while strolling with her fiancé.

Jessica Biel's new engagement ring is beautiful...and huge!

After dating off-and-on for nearly five years, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake finally made it official over the holidays while the couple was vacationing in Wyoming.

Rumors of the couple's impending nuptials started as far back as three weeks ago when the duo went out on the town following Justin's guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. Guests at the after-party reportedly saw Biel sporting an engagement ring, and a witness said it looked "vintage and might have been custom made."

Well, these pictures seem to match that description! 

According to Us Weekly, Biel, 30, debuted the ring for the first time in public last Thursday while arriving at The Tavern in L.A. for lunch with Timberlake, 31. Though neither has commented on their engagement, Biel's New Year's Eve director, Gary Marshall, has said that he's spoken with the couple about their happy news. Did Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Get Engaged In Wyoming?

"We talk about it a lot," Marshall says. "I hope it all works out—they are terrific kids. I love them both. I'm happy for her."

The happy couple plans to wed this summer at a "private estate."

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