Why Co-Sleeping Works For Us, Even If It Horrifies You


co-sleeping with baby mom and dad
How sharing a bed with our baby works for my family.

"I'm really strict about eating vegetables, limiting TV time and homework... I insist on basic standards of kindness. We all find our way as parents, and decide what's most important to us."

Infant sleep may be important to some parents, but as a health nut and TV-hater I know I have bigger fish to fry... er, broil... in the coming years.

So while I place no emphasis on the importance of sleeping through the night, other people seem to. And there are two general responses when the topic of co-sleeping comes up. One goes something like this "You'll never get that kid out of your bed." This doesn't worry me because I don't know many 16-year-olds who want to sleep with their parents. Wink. The second question always sounds the same "How do you have sex?" The polite answer is that you don't need a bed or a bedroom to be intimate with your partner. The not-so-polite answer would be "mind your expletive business." Having A Baby Improved My Sex Life

In the beginning, when my husband and I discussed where our daughter would sleep, he was happy to hear she wouldn't be alone in her room downstairs. Even now, nearly a year later, he is totally on board with our co-sleeping arrangement. In fact, it makes him sad that my daughter doesn't want to cuddle up to him at night. I keep reminding him that this might change once she no longer sees me as her primary food source. And I hope I'm right, because there is nothing sexier than seeing your man holding your baby close.

I tend to think that bed sharing is beneficial to our relationship. For example, if you ask my husband, he'll tell you that our daughter sleeps well. This is because her cries rarely wake him. His sleep isn't being disturbed by me getting out of bed, turning on the lights, making a bottle, and tripping over a dog all to get her settled back down. No matter how many times she needs me during the wee hours, he wakes up well rested, and for us, this is a good thing. He has to get up and go to work 5 days a week. Happy husband, happy life? We Gave Our Kids The Master Bedroom

Like all new parents, we're figuring it all out as we go. What is working today might not work tomorrow. But with the support of Daddy, we hope to continue with our nighttime situation for as long as it's working for all three of us.

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