Experts Agree Kim Kardashian Could Use A Dating Coach

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A survey of YourTango Experts shows Ms. Kimmie could benefit from a professional's services.

Kim Kardashian, you need some major help in the dating department!

Compared to such troubled lovers as Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Aniston, our organization of 1,100 psychotherapists, counselors, coaches and relationship professionals (known as YourTango Experts) said "Ms. 72-Day Marriage" was the most in need of a dating coach in a recent survey.

We're assuming they saw all the evidence they needed to during episodes of Kim And Kourtney Take New York

54% chose Kim, while Rihanna came in second with 24% of the Experts' votes. Going back to her abusive ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, has not been a good look for the R&B singer. Experts Say Heidi Klum And Seal Need Therapy

Meanwhile, recently single Katy Perry was the least likely to need a dating coach, as she only received 2% of our Experts' votes. The pop princess seems to be handling her divorce from Russell Brand awfully well these days (and no, her most recent revenge song is not about him). 

So, how about it Kim Kardashian? We smell a new reality series opportunity (translation: $$$) heading your way!

Tell us: Which celebrity do you think most needs a dating coach? 

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