5 Things About Lindsay Lohan's SNL Hosting Gig That Bothered Us


5 Things About Lindsay Lohan's SNL Hosting Gig That Bothered Us
The troubled starlet hosted SNL in an attempt to revive her career, but did it help or hurt her?

5. She had one good skit, but it was pre-recorded. There was one semi-funny skit, but it was filmed before the show aired. It was an ad promo for the upcoming show, "Real Disney Housewives," a spoof of the Real Housewives franchise starring the Disney princesses. Jasmine and Aladdin are broke; Cinderella (played by scene-stealer Kristen Wiig) is a mean drunk, and Rapunzel (played by LiLo) is a conniving social climber. The concept was phenomenal, but Wiig and Taran Killam (as Prince Charming) delivered the only performances that made it worth watching. Lohan's performance was still one-dimensional and flat as ever. At least we couldn't see her reading off the cue cards this time.

Of course, we can't judge Lindsay's devotion to restarting her career solely on one live performance, especially when her career's rooted in film. But, we're thinking she needs to prove herself with a well-executed role in a major film before she's able to restore her reputation in Hollywood.


Tell us: what did you think of Lindsay Lohan on SNL? Did she deserve to host?

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