3 Ways Date Therapy Can Help You Connect


3 Ways Date Therapy Can Help You Connect

By Dr.Tranquility-Lydia Belton Ph.D.Ct.H.A. for Cupid's Pulse

Treating ourselves and others with love is the most important aspect to dating. That said, it can sometimes be difficult to bond in a loving manner when you’re nervous in a dinner date environment. Date Therapy can help! It’s a new protocol that helps people connect in three very important ways. People like Demi Moore or Kim Kardashian, who have both very publically just fallen out of high profile relationships, should take note.


1. Set Healthy Boundaries

Love yourself enough to begin your relationship with healthy boundaries. Understanding what our realistic wants and needs are helps us to set these boundaries and to understand what we absolutely cannot tolerate. It’s important to remember that we have worth and deserve a loving relationship that we feel safe living within.

I am very proud of Demi Moore and so many other people who recognize when it's time to apply the brakes, hit the reset button on our boundaries and set out to live full lives. Date Therapy empowers us to take the steps to find out if we’ve found “the one” by asking the correct questions from the beginning and not being afraid of the response. Because we love ourselves enough to say “no” when something’s not right, Date Therapy helps you find your true criteria and your ideal mate.

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2. Insist on Self Full Existence

Love yourself enough to insist on a self full existence. This means acknowledging that we have the right to include ourselves in our wants and needs list without stepping on the wants and needs of others. We need to allow ourselves to realize that we exist for ourselves as well as for our partners.

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