What Guys Think Links: Yo-Yo Dating Doesn't Work


yo-yo dating
Also, songs for making love.

Anyone out there not care how their comedic heroes are in real life? Yeah, me too. Michael Ian Black confesses to Nerve that he got engaged over a plate of KFC and wouldn't have it any other way. Crap, I think I'm starting to like him as a person again.

You know when you ask someone "what's wrong?" and they say, "Nothing" and repeat the question-answer process 30 times and on the 31st cycle they rip your face off? You think that you finally "broke through" but in reality the act of asking him the same question over and over broke something in his brain. Very Smart Brothas has more on this unique and awful form of sadomasochism.


Do you know Inspector Clouseau is? He's a detective hot on the trail of the international jewel their the Pink Panther and despite his bumbling always manages to catch the bad guy. Per Evan Marc Katz (and many, many romcoms) a lady can constantly trip over her own feet (metaphorically) and still land the right guy. Sometimes you just bet on the blind squirrel to find that nut.

And my good friend Matt Titus has a very, very good approach to, well, approaching great guys or ladies: approach them. Most people are pretty nice and willing to give people a chance. Don't be a dingus and things could go well.

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