What Guys Think Links: Yo-Yo Dating Doesn't Work


yo-yo dating
Also, songs for making love.

I just saw a great music video that's a cover of David Byrne's "This Must Be The Place" set to a parody of American Psycho. I'm only three years late on this, but you should enjoy it. It's not especially safe for work. Here are what some American heroes have to say about love and relationships and sex and stuff this week.

There are few things that are considered basic human needs. One of them is unfettered access to spank material. Per Huffington Post Weird News, Texas has been letting inmates use the web to relieve stress. I guess this works if the alternative is non-consensual sodomy.


D'ya like contrived television romances in which couples have to break up, get together, ad nauseam to keep the audience engaged? Of course you don't. Yo-yo dating is awful. And, per Modern Man and modern science, ultimately fruitless. Cut those cords, y'all.

Also fruitless? Straight women dating gay dudes. But a lady writes in to the resident dude at CollegeCandy wondering what to do if she has a crush on a friend of Dorothy's. I guess you could start with drinks, then play "never have I ever" and see where the evening takes you. Or, you know, date heterosexuals.

We've put a man on the moon and made a semi-realistic artificial vagina, so it's possible men and women can be friends, right? But what if his lady friends are numerous and hot? Em & Lo have their man panel tackle the topic of boyfriends with close lady friends.

Men and women CAN be friends but a lot of opposite-gender friends are kept around just in case. And that just in case can come in the form of a one-night stand. Good Men Project doesn't think the one-night stand deserves all of the libelous press it gets.

You know how some real bozos think that ladies won't sleep with you unless you're a real bozo? According to a guy writing for Jezebel, those guys are bozos. The bad thing about hooking up with clowns is getting that makeup all over your sheets. The good part is the giant shoes. If you know what I mean.

Even good dudes (like us nerds who write on the ultrawebz) have a few manipulative tricks up our sleeves. The bros at AskMen show their hand a little with this list of best love-making songs. A little play list we all call Panty Droppers 2.

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