Ice-T's Wife Coco Has A Handsy, Perverted Ghost That Touches Her


The reality TV wife reveals her hubby isn't the only one getting frisky with her!

Ice-T's wife Coco has been off the market for 11 years, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her fair share of suitors – even supernatural ones.

"I believe in ghosts because I had a perverted ghost at one time," Coco tells me on the set of my HDNet talk show "Naughty But Nice." "It's true! During the day when you think of ghosts, you think of it being dark and foggy and misty outside but every time I saw or felt anything it was in the daytime and there was no fog out there."

Not only do Coco's ghostly encounters happen in broad daylight, but her Caspers are more than a little handsy.

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