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Love Bytes: Why Are Dating Bloggers All Single?


sad blogger
She's single and ready to blog.
Plus, why Canada wants you to wear a wedding ring.

As people who "dabble" in writing about relationships, this hits pretty close to home. Why are so many relationship bloggers single? Could it be stretched-out boundaries? Could it be getting in a happy, loving relationship might be a career-limiting move? (Good Men Project)

Why are we all doing so much yoga? It's the sex, (downward) dawg! (Huffington Post)

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Did you know that women with a negative image of their body are more likely to sext? (eHarmony)

Ten things ladies wish dudes knew about their bodies. (Madame Noire)

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Come to a date with an idea of what to do or else. (HowAboutWe)

What the what? Why are collegians using condoms less now? (CollegeCandy)

Canada wants women to wear a ring while traveling abroad to keep dirty foreigners from impugning their honor. (The Stir)

Whoa, awesome. The 10 most realistic sex scenes from 2011. (Em & Lo)

We all love a little cheese but there is some downside to dating a cheesemonger (Maître Fromager in French). (The Frisky)

How do we fix failing friendships? (Glo)

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