Do You Know How To Compromise In Your Relationship?


One newlywed learns the value of compromise when she asks her husband for a little financial help.

Yeah. My husband is more of a saver, and I'm more of a spender. He is always reminding me about our future, our credit scores and even further down the road towards retirement. (As a twentysomething, it's hard to get excited about retirement, the distant blip on my radar screen, when you see a cute lamp from Target, right?) So this was my option, my compromise: Put more money aside from my monthly income and my husband would be good footing more of our household bills. 

Needless to say, it was a deal. And I'm learning to practice tunnel vision when I walk buy cute household goods. 5 Ways To Avoid Another Argument


Learning to compromise in our marriage, especially early on, especially when it comes to money, was the best thing we could have done. Marriage is a financial partnership, and like any successful partnership, it depends on compromise, communication and cooperation.

Now, I have to ask: What about you? Do you compromise, or do you go into a disagreement or discussion with fight in your eyes, with the attitude that you are going to take what you want and win? How To Compromise On A Household Budget

If you and your partner find it hard to communicate and compromise, try to find out why that is. And before you start to change your partner, consider looking inward to yourself for change. Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Change yourself before you change anyone else.

A little communication and compromise can go a long way and make your relationship or marriage stronger.

The greatest act of love is to serve. If you want to be first, become last. When you enter into a discussion about differences, go that extra mile and put your partner first. If he sees that's the case, he's more likely to see your side anyway. The basic tenet of compromise is that we care for others, and that caring makes us want to compromise with the ones we love in almost every aspect of our lives. 

How do you and your spouse reach a compromise? 

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