Millionaire Sued By Biological Children For Adopting Girlfriend

Millionaire John Goodman Sued By Biological Children for Adopting Girlfriend

John Goodman, who adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend, is being sued by his biological children!

The polo magnate who adopted his girlfriend in an alleged attempt to protect his fortune from a lawsuit must now battle with his teenaged children who want the adoption thrown out.

John Goodman adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend in the fall, giving her a share of the more than $300 million trust he established for his two biological children -- a move that critics said was a ploy to save millions for himself if he loses an upcoming wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a car accident that killed Scott Wilson in February 2010.

The guardian of Goodman's children opened another legal front against the Polo Club Palm Beach founder by asking a judge to throw out the adoption of Heather Ann Hutchins, The Palm Beach Post reports.

Read the rest & watch the video on Huffington Post Weird News: John Goodman, The Man Who Adopted His Girlfriend As A Daughter, Gets Sued By His Biological Children (VIDEO)

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