Do you scare away the men in your life because you come off as too controlling? Do you want to learn how to take a backseat in your relationships and let the other person lead for a change? Help! My Boyfriend & I Always Argue

In this video, Relationship & YourTango Expert Jasbina Ahluwalia helps a reader who is often criticized by the men she dates that she's too controlling. She wants to be able to hold on to her power as a woman but also maintain a healthy and balanced relationship. Jasbina admits that she comes across this problem frequently when coaching or matchmaking her powerful clients. She suggests being a self-empowered woman instead of a powerful, controlling woman is the perfect solution to this problem.

So, what's the difference between self-empowerment and power? Watch the video above to see Jasbina explain what makes a self-empowered woman so sexy to men.

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