How Can 'Doing Lent' Together Benefit Your Relationship?


yoga couple
YourTango Expert The Rev. Christopher Smith discusses what couples can do to observe Lent.

Of course, there are challenges when doing a spiritual act as a couple, says Rev. Smith. Sometimes, one person gets frustrated and gives up on the whole idea, while the other doesn't. It's difficult to move forward as a couple when one of the partners is not totally there. Also, while some people end up forming a habit that becomes a lifelong change at the end of Lent, others go right back to their bad habits. "I'd say it can be both ways with couples."

Will I keep up my yoga promise? We'll see, but my Lenten track record is pretty good. One year I said good-bye to celeb gossip blogs, and another I stopped eating red meat. Both have worked out pretty well: I now do both in low-key moderation. Maybe I'll become a regular morning yogi! Fingers are crossed.

Are you giving up (or taking up) anything for Lent? How about together with your partner?

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