Exclusive! Channing Tatum On Skinny Dipping, Romance & 'The One'


Exclusive! Channing Tatum Thinks He's A "Total Romantic Guy"
'The Vow' star tells us about his chick flick fan base and life with his wife, Jenna Dewan.

Can you imagine your wife not recognizing you? It would be heartbreaking!
With this film, the guy I play, Leo, is in an extraordinary circumstance with his lover, Paige. It doesn't follow a Nicholas Sparks way to get back to love. There is no "ah ha" moment where it all just magically falls back into place. It's complicated like real life.

What was it like to work with Rachel Mcadams?
I've watched all of her movies and you hope to get some barometer of what a person will be like from their roles. Some actors are nothing how you hope they will be in real life. Rachel was just lovely. A total sweetie. She is in a lot of her characters. Rachel McAdams "Isn't Shy" About Dating Co-Stars


So tell us about the 'Year of the Chan'!
It's the 'Year of the Chan.' I would love to have my own animal. There has been a rat and a dragon now. There could be a Chan. I'm going to propose that to China. Honestly, I had no intention of having five movies come out in one year. Two were supposed to come out last year. It's a high class problem. But they're all very different films or I'd be freaking out.

How do you manage to make it work with your real wife, Jenna Dewan?
It's hard because I can be gone a lot, but we have a two week rule that we can't let anymore time than that go by without seeing each other. It's painful not to see each other. I really miss my other half. Channing Tatum Loves Working With His Wife
What kind of romantic stuff do you do around the house?
Oh, I'm a total romantic guy. I like to leave little love notes around the house. You just have to do little things from the heart to say that you care.
How did you know that Jenna was "The One"?
You know when you know. You look at the person and you can't imagine life without them.
What can women do to show our guys that we care?
Love notes work both ways!

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