Famous New Yorkers Share Their Favorite Romantic NY Date Spots


Famous New Yorkers Share Their Favorite Romantic NY Date Spots
5 great ideas for dating in the Big Apple.

By Jeryl Brunner for CupidsPulse.com

Someone once told me that when it comes to dating, especially early on, it’s important to place you and your date into the epicenter of something fun and amusing. So, in case you aren’t clicking or the conversation is generally going south, the environment around you can pick up the slack, offering instant entertainment.


So, instead of going for the quiet table at the dimly lit restaurant, opt for something a bit more lively that will spark conversation. Honestly, I’ve been told that the circus makes a nice date option, and is good for people watching and observation. (“Look at that clown juggle 14 plates! Get a load of that tightrope walker!”) But since the circus isn’t in town, I turned to famous New Yorkers and their favorite romantic New York City spots for advice:

1. Let me sell you a bridge
For the ultimate people watching and architecture viewing, do what makes John Oliver and Ana Gastayer go breathless: Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. “Something as simple as walking across the Brooklyn Bridge can be a heart-stopping experience,” explains Gastayer. “As a New Yorker there are a few moments that you can repeat over and over again that echo the original experience of coming here if you weren’t born here.”

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2. Be a karoke king (or queen)
Pals Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte say there's nothing like bonding over karaoke in a private room. The pair and their friends will hit Sing Sing or Boho Karaoke and belt REO Speedwagon standards like "I Can't Fight This Feeling," TV theme songs (think Family Ties and Good Times) or tunes from Shrek. As Sudeikis notes, "You sing six or seven songs in an hour and can take chances. You can take risks."

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