When A Good One Is The Wrong One


When A Good One Is The Wrong One
There is plenty of advice for leaving the wrong one. How should you handle leaving a good one?

Step 3: Save! Save! Save! You may be used to going out with friends every weekend, dining out almost every night, buying new shoes, or buying a new video game on a whim, but here is where change has to happen. In case you don’t get a credit card for emergencies, or like most of us, don’t have the luxury of living off of your parents, cut back! Go on a spending diet and force yourself to put money away. You’ll be glad you did when you can afford to have more than a Ramen Noodle or PB & J sandwich diet. Besides, moving expenses are astronomical.


Step 4: Stay put, if you can bear it. Again, assuming that you’re with a good partner, your relationship should be a safe one to stay in. If not, see if you can help out financially by crashing with family and friends. If you can hang in there and save for at least a month, you can ensure that you start off with both feet firmly planted. Besides, the longer you stay before leaping, the more financially fit you become. In the meantime, it gives you more time for reflection to evaluate what worked and didn’t work in this relationship. All tools you will need for the future.                                                                                    

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