When A Good One Is The Wrong One


When A Good One Is The Wrong One
There is plenty of advice for leaving the wrong one. How should you handle leaving a good one?

Sometimes, all it takes is a mini vacation away with the guys, a girls weekend, or a solo soul searching trip to paradise. If a vacation isn’t in your budget, then take a walk, or get into your car, turn up the music, and just drive. Sometimes, you + alone time = a happier person. Besides, stress and other factors can greatly impact the decision to leave, even when it relates to issues that can be fixed, such as communication, sexual dissatisfaction, boredom, etc. If after you’ve tried these things and you still deem the relationship over, then start the process of starting over and moving on.                                                                                                                                    

Step 2: Get your affairs in order. Now that you’ve decided that it’s definitely time to move on, it’s time to exhaust your efforts elsewhere. Believe it or not, the process of moving on should always include an in depth look into the dirty world of credit and money.


That means, get your finances in order. If you have debt, pay it down or pay it off because starting over emotionally is hard enough. If you don’t have a credit card, get one. Why? Does this refute what I mentioned about paying off debt? No. A credit card should be obtained in case of the emergencies looming as a newly single person in the near future.

Because you will be down to your income alone, make sure you research future residences to ensure that you can lead the comfortable lifestyle you’re accustomed to. You were single and making it on your own before. Now, alleviating your debt before leaving can ensure you do that again.