When A Good One Is The Wrong One


When A Good One Is The Wrong One
There is plenty of advice for leaving the wrong one. How should you handle leaving a good one?

There is plenty of advice for leaving the ones with the insatiable appetite for infidelity, the ones who bitch and make their partners miserable, or the ones who love no one the way they love themselves. But there are times when relationships end, even though both partners are actually great people because they no longer fit together.

Since Valentine’s Day was dubbed “Breakup Day” by various sites, who put an enormous effort into helping women do so, then I guess it only makes sense that February 15th is the highest ranked day for cheating according to AshleyMadison.com, a multi-million dollar site devoted to helping people creep on their partners.


Though I believe in sticking it out in relationships, there are times when it’s just best to move out and move on.  Before you dive back into single life again, think about the following:                                                                                                                                     

Step 1: Evaluate the situation. After you’ve slept on it, mauled on it, ate a pint of Breyer’s Ice Cream over it, killed too many enemies to remember on Battlefield 3, consider whether the relationship is worth saving. I don’t mean asking your frenemy, who has probably been secretly crushing on your great guy/gal. Of course they would want your relationship to end. Nor do I mean you should confide in the man-hater, or the wanna-be playa. But talking about your concerns with a trusted friend or loved one may help.

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