7 Songs To Help You Stay Active And Healthy After A Breakup


7 Songs To Help You Stay Active And Healthy After A Breakup
One blogger's Rx for putting some pep in your step after breaking up.

Breaking up sucks. Even if the break up is really for the best it's so difficult to deal with the grief of losing someone who was a big part of your life. And when you're dealing with crappy situations it's hard to stay healthy.

First off, I read It's Called a Break Up Because it's Broken. Yes, it's cheesy. But it did offer some very obvious and realistic advice (that for some reason you can't see on your own through the fog of emotions).


Then, give yourself full permission to mourn for a while. Depending on your life circumstances, find this time where you can. But, go ahead and be sad and cry and scream and tear up pictures if you have to. Seriously, go ahead I won't judge. Just don't do anything embarrassing like write on his/herFacebook wall that he has the herp. Unless he does.

Now that you're dealing with a sad situation I understand you might not want to exercise or eat right. But, if you're sad you really need those exercise endorphins more than ever! You need to exercise for your emotional health more than your physical at this point. That's why I put together this "Get Over Your Ex Mix" of songs. Load them to your phone or ipod or whatever, crank it up and walk it off!

Get Over Your Ex Mix
Warm up: (walk or slow jog)
Adele – Someone Like You 4:45
Beyonce  – Irreplaceable 3:52
Run it off: (bring it to a comfortable pace)
Kelly Clarkson – Since You've Been Gone 3:09
Pink – So What 3:35
Alanis Morrissette – You Outta Know 4:09
Beyonce – Single Ladies 3:13
Cool Down: (bring it back to a walk or slow jog)
Cee-Lo Green F**k You 3:43

Then, stretch out and think happy thoughts. *Option B is to just crank these songs in your room and dance it off!

When you start to feel down call a friend, watch a funny TV show or read funny stuff on the internet like I Can Haz Cheezburger and Googling funny search terms.

Written by Monica from RunEatRepeat for Bliss.com.

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