Exclusive! Model Kylie Bisutti Talks Faith, Modesty And Marriage


Exclusive! Model Kylie Bisutti Talks Faith, Modesty And Marriage
The ex-Victoria's Secret model walked away from lingerie modeling for her Christian values.

What happens when becoming an angel isn't all that heavenly?

Former Victoria's Secret model Kylie Bisutti made headlines recently when she went public with her decision to hand in those iconic wings. It wasn't the decision itself that drew attention, but the reason behind it. How to Activate and Maintain the Blessings of God in Your Life (Praise and Worship, Volume One)


At 19, Kylie beat out 10,000 other girls during the 2009 "Victoria’s Secret Model Search" for a contract with the lingerie giant. She strutted the runway as an angel during the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, with the likes of supermodels Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Doutzen Kroes. It was all she had ever wanted. But when she got it, something just didn't feel right.

A young Christian during this time, Kylie was beginning to read scripture more and more. As God's Word started to infiltrate her heart, she slowly realized that modeling lingerie wasn't in line with her beliefs. So when her contract was up with Victoria's Secret, she walked away. Now, at age 21, she's trying to be a role model for Christ. She's showing other girls that you don’t have to be a sex symbol to be happy and accepted and successful. She's spreading a message of how our bodies are sacred, and meant only for our spouses' eyes. She's speaking out for modesty. And in a world where sex sells, it's a bold and brave message. My Faith Is Keeping Me Single

I had the pleasure of talking to Kylie about her big decision, marriage, being a role model for little girls, and life after Victoria's Secret. She might be sweet and soft-spoken, but Kylie's message is strong.

Your story made headlines just a few days ago. What sort of feedback have you gotten?
"I have gotten 99-percent positive feedback. So many young girls have responded to the story. I am completely in awe of what God has done, because obviously, it's not me who's able to do all this. All the glory to Him."

How did you get into modeling?
"It was always my dream. I got started at 14. At 16, I moved to New York to pursue my career. And then the big casting for Victoria's Secret was at 19."  What A Year In Marriage Taught Us About Love

When did you realize that modeling lingerie wasn't in line with your Christian beliefs?
"It was more of a gradual thing. The closer I grew to the Lord; I wanted to honor him in my marriage and life. I realized I wasn't doing that. I wanted little girls to see that you don't have to sexy or behave as a sex symbol to be loved in this life."

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