Exclusive! Model Kylie Bisutti Talks Faith, Modesty And Marriage


Exclusive! Model Kylie Bisutti Talks Faith, Modesty And Marriage
The ex-Victoria's Secret model walked away from lingerie modeling for her Christian values.

Are there any key passages in scripture that really made an impact on you?
"Oh yeah, definitely. Proverbs 31 was a big one. 'A wife of noble character…' I realized I wasn't doing any of the things mentioned in that passage. Then there's 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. ['Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.'] That was another big one. Reading that, I was convicted. As well as Matthew 18:6, which talks about causing children to stumble. I didn't want little girls to grow up thinking it's OK to see me, a married woman, on the cover of a men's magazine."

Speaking of marriage, what did your husband think of what you were doing, and what does he think of the career choices you've made now?
"We always had a good marriage, but he loves the decision I've made to stop modeling lingerie. Our marriage has really grown so much stronger because of it. It's better than ever. But even before, he was super-supportive. He just prayed for me. He wanted to have the Word open my eyes." 10 Tips For Strong Relationships


What role does faith play in your marriage?
"Faith definitely plays a huge role. My husband and I read the Bible and pray together, and we try to make Christ the center of our marriage. We've also done, for the past two years now, a couple's retreat at our house where about six or seven couples we're close to come over, and we all try to work on and grow in our marriages and relationships with God. We try to keep Him the number one priority."

Modesty is becoming a bigger thing these days. There are blogs dedicated to dressing well, but conservatively and not sexy. Even still, sex makes the headlines. What do you think the key is to promoting more modesty in our culture?
"I believe in the power of prayer. And we need to take a stand for modesty. I think, to me, the big thing is magazines and movies. If we could somehow get into that, I think we could affect a lot of girls." How To Add Prayer to Your Marriage Toolbox

Do you hope speaking more about your decision could start a modesty trend?
"I would love to start a trend! I think the key is getting people in the public eye on board. I am praying other celebrities and models will take a stand. I mean, gosh, girls as young as eight feel they have to look a certain way, look sexy. They have so much pressure."

If you could tell young girls and women one thing your decision, about respecting their bodies, what would it be?
"The more you try and pursue being sexy and thin, the further away you will go from being happy. When I started modeling, they always dyed my hair blonde—my hair is naturally brown. They put a lot of make-up on me. I had these permanent extensions (laughs), which I've now taken out. The more I felt like I had to change myself, the less happy and more insecure I became. I've dyed my hair back to my natural color. I wear less make-up now. I am so much happier. And people can see that."10 Best Valentine's Day Dates For Engaged Couples

Kylie said she will continue to pursuing modeling, and hopefully acting, but only in modest ventures that are in keeping with her Christian faith. You can check out the website, KylieBisutti.com, for more about her faith and future, and to see what she's doing to promote wholesome values in a pressure-filled world of temptations. 

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