Does Valentine's Day Make You Cringe?


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One writer learned the secret to avoiding cynicism every February 14th.

5. Altruism. We do this a lot for other holidays, such as Christmas and birthdays. It's become quite popular to ask friends and family to donate to specific charities in lieu of buying presents that none of us actually need. Why not adopt the trend on Valentine's Day, as well?

Do as Brenda and Dylan did on one classic episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 and donate blood together as a couple. Sure, it sounds a little random, but when Brenda asked Dylan to give her a hint about what they would be doing for Valentine's Day that year, he told her, "It's something red, warm, and close to the heart." That fits, doesn't it? Charitable Giving: A New Way To Bond


If you're single, grab a group of your other single friends, and offer to make dinner for the married couples in your life. If they have children, offer to baby-sit. Just do something that focuses your attention outward. In the process, you may be surprised at how your cynicism starts to dissolve, and how the actual point of Valentine's Day is ultimately resurrected.

How are you planning to spend Valentine's Day this year? Post your ideas below.

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