10 Best Valentine's Day Dates For Engaged Couples


Creative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your future husband.

8. If you were both lucky enough to score a few days off, sneak off to a bed and breakfast a few towns away. It'll be fun to relax together in a new environment sans domestic and/or wedding worries. It's a surefire way to stir up some excitement!

9. Enjoy a candle-lit dinner at the most romantic restaurant in town, but kick it up a notch — book a limo and have it take you to your favorite dessert spot after. It's okay if that happens to be Baskin Robbins! TresSugar: 10 Valentine's Day Experience Gifts You'll Both Enjoy

10. Dancing with the girls is fun, but dancing with your future hubby can be too! Be the dancing queen at your local salsa club and your honey will be proud that your eyes are only for him.


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