Why More People Are Choosing Friends With Benefits


Why More People Are Choosing Friends With Benefits
If you're still single and looking for a long-lasting love, you may have a problem...

Why choose this type of relationship in the first place? It could have something  to do with the fact that this relationship is thought to be drama-free. I’ve asked several guys who prefer casual dating/not seeking a commitment, or the friends with benefits situation about this. They all agree that this type of dating provides them with the intimacy they seek without the “nagging and whining” their female counterparts tend to do once in a long-term relationship. In other words, they want to have sex; they want to have fun; they want the benefits of a relationship without the consequences involved with a long-term relationship.

In short, they can be close to a woman, hold her and please her. Likewise, they want to gratify their own bodily needs without the emotional rollercoaster most in long-term/committed relationships experience. And in this way, if they have another relationship interest, they are free to pursue this interest, guilt-free.


Why? The fwb (friend with benefits) or casual partner is already in full agreement with this philosophy when she enters the relationship. Likewise, women are beginning to appreciate this trend as some want to date more than one guy at a time.

For some women, this is simply about avoiding a stagnant sex life through sexual exploration. For those with ravenous appetites, for the woman seeking sexual fulfillment without the confines of a commitment, she can enjoy being a casual dater, or someone’s friend with benefits. Sounds perfect, right? For some, it is.

Though many still prefer the attachment and companionship of the real thing to a relationship simply based on sex, with websites catering to this need on the rise, it is far easier for some to push aside conventional dating to opt for a casual dating/friends with benefits situation rather than forge through and reap the benefits of a long-term relationship.

***N. Meridian is a ghostwriter, editor and freelance writer of many subjects. ***

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