Ethan Hawke On "The Black Years" After Divorce From Uma Thurman


The 41-year-old opens up about his most painful breakup and how his life has changed since then.

Ethan Hawke is content with his life now. However, things weren't always going so well with the actor. He tells The Guardian that he suffered a dark period following his divorce from Uma Thurman in 2004.

He said, "I call it the black years. It was really difficult. It was difficult in ways I couldn't even see at the time. There was the obvious way in which it was difficult - the death of a dream, the inability to parent in the way that you want to. But for me it was - what's that Dante quote? 'At the midpoint of my life, I've come to the part of the forest where the straight way is lost.' Nothing teaches you like getting leveled. And I got leveled in my early 30s."

Hawke, 41, added, "Nothing went exactly the way I thought it would. Wait a second: love isn't real..."

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