How I Learned To Stop Nagging My Husband


stop sign nag-free week
"I had to begin to trust that even without nagging my husband, things would get done."

When the task has to do with my daughter, I place the importance of the task on her. He can't get mad about doing something for his little girl, right? "Don't forget to set up Elena's humidifier, her nose is pretty raw today."

My best anti-nagging trick is text messaging. Most of the time I am nursing the baby or putting her to sleep and I can't get away. He responds much better to a text message reminder than to my frustrated tone and "that face."


I admit this isn't ideal. It sounds like I'm saying my husband and I communicate better via text message than in person. But we're talking about chores, not expressions of love and intimacy.

It has been about two months and things have been better between us since my nagging epiphany. Tasks are still dropped, but when they are, I remind myself that I am not perfect, and that I'm certainly not the partner I once was either. These days the house is messier, my hair is a little dirtier and I am not always present and available for quiet time with my husband. He has never complained about this, so why should I fault him for continually leaving the wire hangers from the dry cleaner strewn about the house?

When all else fails, I have my mantra to guide me through. Surrender control. Surrender control. Let it go. In the meantime, improving my tone and "that face" are on my to-do list.

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