Eva Mendes Won't Budge On Details About "Dream" Beau Ryan Gosling


The actress is keeping the specifics of their relationship on the down-low... for now.

We'd love to be Eva Mendes if only for a moment, because she's a sultry actress with "a dream" boyfriend, the one and only Ryan Gosling.

Mendes, 37, and Gosling, 31, were first spotted holding hands back in September and it's been a fairy tale affair ever since with Disneyland dates, Paris visits and co-starring movie roles. Both worked on The Place Beyond the Pines, which no doubt brought the couple together. Who wouldn't love dating in real-life after being husband and wife on-screen? Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Romance Each Other In Paris

Mendes spilled only a little about her new beau to the March issue of Marie Claire (via People): "He's your dream costar. I have never felt so creatively satisfied on a film. He's amazing."

We loved him in Drive and cannot wait for this new movie to hit theaters. When the magazine's reporter pressed her for more details, Mendes, a very private actress, said: "Stop, just stop. I'm not gonna budge. I feel uncomfortable talking about it. It's too personal." Exclusive! Ryan Gosling: "I Think I'm A Pretty Weird-Looking Guy"

We can appreciate her desire for privacy! When asked about children and marriage she said, "Those are such boring topics to me. I am not that girl. I don't like talking about things that I want in the future because I feel by verbalizing such things, they won't come true."

Looks like Gosling chose a smart, private and beautiful woman to be his co-love!

Do you like Eva and Ryan as a couple?

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