Your Invitation To Hilary Duff's Baby Shower! Get All The Details

Your Invitation To Hilary Duff's Baby Shower! Get All The Details

Hilary's about ready to give birth, but not before she had a huge baby shower!

This past weekend, Hilary Duff's sister, Haylie, and her mom, Susan, threw the new mommy-to-be a baby shower bash for the books!

According to Us Weekly, the 24-year-old actress/singer attended her baby shower on Sunday before the Super Bowl got underway with her female relatives and some of her closest friends, including Beverley Mitchell, Sophia Rossi, Erin Haggerty, Beau Nelson, Lauren Anderson and Marcus Francis. A source for the magazine says the festivities took place at Duff's house in L.A. with "40-50 people, small and intimate." Did Hilary Duff's Pregnancy Announcement Cost Her A Film Role?

Haylie Duff, 26, uploaded a few photos to twitter during the party. One such image was of Haylie and her pregnant sis showing off one of the gifts from her big sister: a bib that reads "My Aunt is Hot (and single)." 

When the bash ended, the soon-to-be-momma took to Twitter herself to thank everyone for their support. Hilary wrote: "So grateful for all my friends and family that love and support me through all these huge milestones in my life! Such special memories today!" She also tweeted: "What an amazing day! This baby is spoiled already! And this mama is wiped out!"

This is the first child for Hilary and her husband, Mike Comrie, 31, who are expecting a baby boy. The couple wed on August 14, 2010 in Santa Barbara, Calif. Hilary Duff: 'Being Pregnant Is Like Having An Alien Take Over'

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