It's More Than Okay To Be Single, Valentine


It's More Than Okay To Be Single, Valentine
'Couples Holidays' can be a drag, but only if you allow them. Choose to look at Single differently!

I've spent years now taking care of myself and my daughter, ending up in lousy relationships where men depended on me for everything, while I became an emotional codependent on them.  It took a handful of embarassing mistakes to get it right, but I finally mastered the art of grasping a healthy balance of how to be a real team while part of a couple, but not forgetting that watching out for my own livelihood is just as important.  Like Soren Kierkegaard once said, " Don't forget to love yourself first."  That is exactly what I have been doing as a solo traveler, and I have yet to feel down or sorry for myself from it.  Friends and family acknowledge to me all the time how much happier I have become and are in awe of the glow that beams from my presence.  There is no secret to my joy, it has all been an accumulation of light from choosing to embrace the life that I have in the now and not worrying myself over what I should or could have and agonizing over a possible future that has yet to be.  We have but one life to live, we should be enveloped in it today with open arms, regardless of where we might be tomorrow.


Valentine's Day is just like any other date on the calendar, except for the build media gives it.  We can see it, celebrate it, take it as we see fit, no one can make that choice for us.  Sure, we can be hounded into believing that you're not somebody on that day, or any other holiday, unless someone shows love through materialistic offerings like flowers, chocolates, and oversized teddy bears.  Can't that happen any other day too?  I express my love every single day to my daughter, friends and family.  February 14th is a lovely idea, but it has never been a required outlet for me to boast my feelings and zest for those in my life.  It should be that way for everyone.  So my profession is this; Love open and uncondtionally regardless of society's standards.  Welcome Valentine's Day whether you are attached or not because it IS just another day, and it too will pass like the rest.  Stop putting pressure on others and on yourself for how things should be and just go with what brings you jubilation.  Someday, I am certain, I will attract the right man who will join me on the optimistic plane I am sailing, and my cheer will be even greater.  Until then, I will continue to love myself, and everyone whom is part of the life that I have today.  Love is not to be wasted or saved for possibilities. Show love whenever you can, to whomever you can, whether it's a special occasion or not.  Love is Love, and it is always a beautiful thing!

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