It's More Than Okay To Be Single, Valentine


It's More Than Okay To Be Single, Valentine
'Couples Holidays' can be a drag, but only if you allow them. Choose to look at Single differently!

As the years seem to fly past in record speed, I've begun to notice more and more the increase of holiday emphasis.  Promoting Halloween begins late August/early September, and the minute our clocks stike midnight into November, the shelves have already been slated clean and now full of Thankskgiving and Christmas hoopla.  Just when we think after the New Year has been rung in and we're finally free and clear from the bombardment of annoying toy and jewelry commercials, the world at large starts digging into one of the most gawdy ritual days of them all; Valentine's Day.  Personally, I have never enjoyed its oncoming, whether I've been attached during V-Day or not, I've always felt nothing but pressure and uncomfortable expectations of it.  Television, Radio, and every day grocery store shopping soon become those irritating family members who always cause a ruckus and stick their noses into our private lives by suggesting happiness is only an outcome by proving your affections for someone else and having it be reciprocated.



Now, I've been single for a few months.  I was booted right after my birthday in October before all of the holiday massacre began.  This has been the first time in a decade, yes, a DECADE, that I have gone into the fire without someone to call mine.  I used to believe that it was impossible, and almost a downright embarassment to be alone for anything, especially the holidays.  Growing up, I was highly influenced by my environment to believe that the only existence worth keeping is that of a 1+1.  Well guess what?  I spent Thanksgiving with my Father and relatives I hadn't seen in years and had the time of my life!  I celebrated Christmas AND New Years Eve at home with my daughter, just the two of us, and created fun memories of food, games and laughter that she and I will always remember as time just for us girls.  We are now less than two weeks away from the Day of Love and hey, I am single and fabulous, I CAN be my own person.  Being in a couple does not have to define my worth, nor anyone elses.


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