7 Ways to Flirt In a Web 2.0 World


7 Ways to Flirt In a Web 2.0 World

5. Play hard to get: The Internet is all around us. We have it at work, at home and even on our phones. That means you’re available almost 24/7 to interact online. Play hard to get! Don’t respond right away, or don’t respond all day. The person on the other end will be checking their chat or email constantly to see if you’ve responded, and once you finally do, you’ll have them hooked.

6. Compliments: Handing out compliments is an art. Over the web, you have to compliment each other without sounding creepy, and say something that will receive a positive response. You’re probably not going to be the first guy or girl to tell them they’re beautiful or handsome, so be creative. A well thought out and personalized compliment will lead to infatuation and potentially more conversation.


7. Confidence: Being confident without being cocky is a turn on. We all want someone who is sure of who they are and is always willing to be themselves in any situation. Don’t pretend to be someone else, because more than likely your date will be able to see through that when you meet in person. If you can exude as much confidence as you do online in person, you just might seal the deal.

What steps did you take to meet your partner while online dating? Share your comments below.

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