Well, If You Must Date Online, At Least Be Safe


How to be smart (and safe) while dating online

 A few months ago, I wrote a post about Why I'm Done With Online Dating.   There just came a time when the nice, interesting guys were in lower supply than the weirdos and the half-truths.

But I have a lot of friends and readers who do still do online dating, so when I received this note from AVG Technologies about how to date online safely, I decided to run it.
Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I know that traffic on online sites often jumps around this time, as unattached people are reminded that they don't have a Valentine's Day date.  Online dating sites can be a great good way to meet new people,  but as always in the world of online dating - there are guidelines that can help attract the right people, as well as precautions that you should consider so that things don't get funky. 

I don't want to scare anybody, but it certainly can't hurt to be smart(er) about getting together with --what are essentially-- strangers.  In order to eliminate the guesswork and leave more time for first impressions, the online safety experts at AVG Technologies have assembled a list of easy DOs and DON’Ts for any online-dater:
DON’T forget that despite how charming an individual may appear in self-descriptions and direct messages, he or she is still a stranger. Never give out any identifiable information that could allow someone to track your whereabouts like a home address or work telephone.   Read more:  



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