5 Emergency Techniques To Use When You Want To Call Your Ex


burn your cell phone instead of calling your ex
Thinking of calling your ex? Not so fast!

The urge to communicate with your ex is usually temporary. If you've done your homework, you know it won't accomplish anything productive. So get out of the space—mental, emotional, and physical—where you first had the urge to call. Do something fun instead.

5. Lose his number.


This one's fail-safe. You can't easily call your ex if you've deleted his number and cut off digital ties. Our Breakup Wasn't Complete Until He Unfriended Me On Facebook

If you absolutely must keep your ex's number saved in your phone, replace his name with a message of support, such as, "YouCanDoSoMuchBetter." 

I still have an ex-boyfriend saved under a highly descriptive and vulgar nickname. It kept me from calling him at vulnerable times after we broke up. When he eventually called me, I didn't pick up. Instead, I laughed.


What do you do to keep from calling your ex?

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