Poll: Which Celebrity Needs To Break Up With Their Ex?


Poll: Which Celebrity Needs To Break Up With Their Ex?
Do Chris Brown & Rihanna need to cut ties with each other for good?
These celebrities have all kept in touch after their breakup. Who needs to finally cut the cord?

We know holding on to an old flame isn't a healthy thing to do, but as our new Break Up With Your Ex survey reveals, it takes most people months to get over an ex. This also applies in CelebLand, where celebrities seem to have more splits to their names than hit records or box office successes. Break Up With Your Ex 2012: A User's Guide

True, it's not any easier for a famous person to move on from their ex than it is for the rest of us, but that doesn't mean they should hold on to past loves... especially when they were BAD past loves! Yes, we're talking about you Chris and Rihanna, Kim and Reggie... Enough is enough!

The following 5 celebrity exes have remained friends with one another despite bad breakups, infidelity, divorce and physical assault, but we think they should cut ties and finally break up for good. In your opinion, which of these celebrities needs to break up with their ex the most?

Rihanna & Chris Brown - Sources say they've been secretly hooking up for the past year, even though he assaulted her!
Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama - They've tried dating twice, only to be disappointed by their age difference.
Jennifer Carpenter & Michael C. Hall - They divorced after two years of marriage, and yet still work together on 'Dexter.'
Elizabeth Hurley & Hugh Grant - These two remain "best friends" despite his prostitution scandal that broke them up.
Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush - Reports say the divorcée has been calling her ex since her split from Kris Humphries!

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