Are Strip Clubs Really A Relationship Threat?


Are Strip Clubs Really A Relationship Threat?
Strip clubs aren't the scary places you imagine.
  • If you're a straight, curious woman, never go to a gentlemen's club alone.  They get revved up whenever another female steps through the door since it is not a common occurrence, and they are dying to see more of us.  Why?  Because men are easy to play, and women are harder to coerce.  Who doesn't love a fiesty challenge?
  • Seating doesn't matter; expect to be bombarded the moment your butt finds a seat and never be left alone.  My friend Chris informed me that some club in Arizona was far more ruthless than what we experienced, but if that is the case, I don't know how anyone can tolerate that kind of pushing.  If you wanted to just drop in, peek at some melons and pussycats and call it a night, chances are it won't happen without you handing over most of the money you arrived with before events even started.  They know how easily it is to sexually minipulate all walks of life coming in the door.  The majority have been doing their job longer than you presume they have.  It's all about playing the cash game and they have no shame in getting in your face, practically putting their own weekly manicured claws down your pockets to get it at, by whatever cost it takes.
  • Clothing is merely optional; you WILL get a full showing.  Men are more classy in the way where they will leave the audience to their own imaginations to make their own presumptions of how their third leg may look under the thong they refuse to peel off.  Women will hold nothing back and will let nothing remain a mystery.  To them, breasts are breasts, and between the legs is icing on the cake bound to lure in the men easy enough to fall under the spell.  All guys watch porn, it's nothing they aren't used to seeing already, the ladies are just happy to present it to you in the flesh (as long as they are financially rewarded well for their boldness of course).
  • If you want to go home with the rent or grocery money you showed up with, lay low and stay sober.  The mastery to female strip joints is coercing you with free or super cheap liquor (lots and lots of liquor) to get you drunk enough to lose all commen sense, and honing in on easy, visible targets.  If you don't want to leave the club crying over having made it rain and trying to figure out how you managed to allow yourself to pittle away just about everything you had in a matter of minutes, then stand firm on a budget and STICK TO IT.  There are plenty of other men (and sometimes women) who can send these ladies on a shopping spree with the dough they bring to the table, you're not required to give up all you got.  Plant it near an exit if you have to if they start getting ancy.

From all that I have seen, both genders play the game well.  It's all in good fun really...most of the time.  No male strippers were witnessed trying to lure women into more than just a strip show.  They did their dancing and created a great atmosphere for everyone involved.  Female strippers however, will do whatever it takes to get paid.  They will ask you your name and try to 'get equal' by waxing poetic about life with jokes and flirty touches, regardless if a man is taken or not.  They don't see any man as a husband/boyfriend/fiance, what they see is their next meal ticket.  To be fair, not ALL scandalous behavior is done by the women, and it's not a massive threat overall to lose sleep over.  Can a strip club threaten the security of your solid relationship?  Yes, it could,  but only solely on the actions of your significant other.  Just like the temptation can be found from a coworker or random run in off the street, no one can make anyone choose to cheat except the cheater him/herself.  It's all about trust, and if strip club outings make you uneasy, it would be best to discuss your feelings on the matter early on in a relationship in the most non-attacking your partners character way.  My personal advice?  Opt to check out a Drag show instead.  Now THOSE ladies know how to have a great time!

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