Do You Know How Sexy You Look Right Now?

Do You Know How Sexy You Look Right Now?
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Sometimes, that one sentence spoken at the right time can mean so much more than anything you can do

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We all have egos, and even the most confident among us likes to be praised every now and then.  And who out there doesn't like to hear how great they are in bed, or how sexy they look, or how much they turn their partner on?  Now I know the old saying, "Actions speak louder than words," but sometimes, that one sentence spoken at the right time can mean so much more and have a greater impact than anything you could have done.

One of our most vulnerable times is when we're naked. To tell someone how sexy they look right when they are most vulnerable is to give them great power that boosts their self-esteem, enhances their sexual empowerment, and strengthens the trust and safety within your relationship. Words definitely have power in the bedroom.

If you say to your lover, "Do you know how sexy you look right now?" whatever it is they're doing when you say that, you can be sure they'll do it again in the future. When everybod'’s naked and maybe doing something new, these 9 words can do a lot to boost self-confidence "Do you know how sexy you look right now?" If you're trying to encourage your mate to continue doing something, or to do it again in the future, those 9 words are a sure fire way to ensure a repeat performance.

A note of caution: use these words sparingly. Too much of a good thing can become something that feels less heart-felt and much less genuine than you intended. Like the couple you know that is always saying and doing over the top gushy things – it doesn't seem real and they seem like they're trying too hard.  You know when it's the right time, and if you say it from your heart you can't go wrong. Make your partner feel sexy, special, like they’re the only one you could imagine yourself with. Those are the words you want running through their head when they’ve had a long day and they recall their favorite memory. The memory of those words will rekindle that fire all by themselves.


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