10 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues Together


happy winter couple
Leave the boredom of the winter months behind with these fun and romantic tips.

7. Study buddy. Are one or both of you studying for a huge exam, like the Bar, or applying to jobs/grad school? Help him (or let him help you) by quizzing with flash cards, editing cover letters, or helping prepare an admissions essay. It will spur you to talk about your goals and dreams — and kill two birds with one stone. Who said you can't combine business and pleasure?

8. Soup for you. Nurse those colds, or help each other stay healthy, by cooking up a healthy soup recipe. Couples who cook together stay together.


9. Sexy shindig. Spend a whole afternoon in bed dreaming up new things to do to each other. Let your imagination run wild. For inspiration, watch an erotic movie or find a new sex position in a book. You're sure to discover something you really, really like doing that you didn't know about. 

10. Everyday happiness. You don't always need to plan a special activity to keep your relationship happy and fun. Everyday actions, like kissing your partner every morning and saying "please" and "thank you," have a major positive impact on your well-being as a couple. See more tips for how to be a happier couple: Relationship Rehab: 12 Steps To Becoming A Happier Couple In 2012

What do you and your partner do to make the winter more fun?

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