Want To Get Over Your Ex? Stop Stalking Him On Facebook


Want To Get Over Your Ex? Stop Stalking Him On Facebook
It's time to unfriend, unfollow and delete your ex from your life.

For Sabrina Jennings28, the break was less clean-cut. After discovering that her boyfriend was carrying on inappropriate conversations with a woman via Facebook chat, he broke up with her, saying that he loved the other woman more than he had loved anyone before. At first, Jennings tried to keep the relationship cordial: "At first we remained friends on Facebook; I thought it would be juvenile to cut ties so quickly. After all, I really had been in love, whether he felt the same or not. He had asked that we remain friends, so maybe we could work past our parting of ways. It wasn't until he began posting on a constant reel how 'much happier he is now' that I began to start feeling the sting."

The situation quickly devolved from there. When Jennings finally unfriended him ex on Facebook, he retaliated by asking his friends to unfriend her. Fortunately, most of their mutual friends refused to get involved. But Jennings notes, "This unfortunate experience has not derailed me from becoming 'in a relationship' on social networking in the future, but it has taught me to be smarter with how soon I display my status to the world at large, and to never hesitate to defriend an ex, maybe some mutual friends immediately upon an absolute parting, and block by all means if the circumstances call for it." Our Breakup Wasn't Complete Until He Unfriended Me On Facebook


It may seem juvenile at first, but taking that first step and blocking, deleting and unfollowing your ex is not only helps you stop obsessing (Is he already over me?), helps you set important emotional boundaries, that will prevent you from getting burned in the future.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to remove the baggage, unfriend, unfollow and delete! Then, come back and tell us your tales of freedom!

Break Up With Your Ex Day is February 13! Find out more at BreakUpWithYourEx.com.

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