The "Couple's Resolution" That Strengthened Our Marriage


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One writer enlists her husband to help make resolutions for the year—as a couple.

It took some time coming up with a resolution we both agreed we needed to work on, but we thought long and hard and finally decided that our couple's resolution would be to seek God's presence, and what better way to do that than to pray more together. To pray with and for each other. To pray to God for things we desire, but also spend time praising and thanking Him, loving and adoring Him and enjoying His presence. 

We both know that there's nothing more powerful than prayer. And, in the midst of our busy lives, it's often hard to know exactly what to pray for, but God knows the desires of our hearts, and as we delight ourselves in Him, He will give them to us, just as He promised in His Word (Psalm 37:4).     


Prayer can change a negative thought into a positive thought. It can bring a couple closer together. It can make a relationship stronger, and more resilient. It can bring two into agreement. And another thing you quickly find out about prayer? There are blessings that come from God simply because you are praying. How To Add Prayer to Your Marriage Toolbox

When I married my husband I knew I would be looking to him for spiritual guidance. I knew he would be the head of our household as God commanded all husbands to be. Together my husband and I pray for our future together, our emotions and attitudes towards each other, our reputations, our parenthood ahead and so much more. Prayer was the best resolution we could have made.

Of course, we made other resolutions too, some personal and a few others we would still like to do together. We want to play more together and have more date nights, we want to make sexy time a priority, we also want to eat healthier meals together, and we want to keep better track of our finances… but we'll see how those goals pan out through the year. We're taking it one step at a time.  10 Things Happy Couples Talk About

If your plan is to make a resolution with your partner or if you already have, be sure to have periodic check-ins to see how these goals are working out for each of you. If your goals aren't taking hold, talk with your partner about why you think things aren't working then see where you can make a few changes. Or maybe, you'll decide the resolution isn't as important as you thought it'd be. Either way, you're opening even more lines of communication in your relationship. Always a good thing!

When it comes to any type of resolution, remember that it's about you and your partner and nothing else, and if neither one of you sticks to your goals know that everything will be OK. You're still you, and you're with the person you will always love. And for me, even if we aren't perfect in every one of our couple goals, that's all that matters.

Do you make resolutions with your partner? How do you plan to keep them this year? 

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