Jesse Metcalfe Is Getting Ready To Tie The Knot!

Jesse Metcalfe Is Getting Ready To Tie The Knot!

The hunky 'Desperate Housewives' gardener is settling down with his lady love.

The sexy lawn man that Eva Longoria's character pined for on Desperate Housewives will soon be off the market. Or, actually, the actor who played him will be. Eva Longoria & Tony Parker: Behind The Split

A source for Us Weekly reports that 33-year-old Jesse Metcalfe recently proposed to his girlfriend, Cara Santana. 

Before beginning his five-year relationship with his now-fiancée, Metclafe dated model Courtney Robertson, who can currently be seen on the newest season of The BachelorDoes Living Together Before Marriage Increase Divorce Chances?

It's reported that Metclafe and his wife-to-be have been living together for three years already, so there will be no new living situation or domestic habit surprises after they get hitched. 

When asked for more details on the engagement, Metcalfe's rep said "We don't comment on clients' personal lives." You Know You're Engaged When . . . [VIDEO]

We don't know much about his new fiancée, other than she's from Texas and moved to L.A. to pursue an acting career (so out-of-the-ordinary, right?). She hasn't done much acting yet, but she has been seen in a few episodes of CSI.

Do you think she could be using Jesse to gain fame? Or do you think it's true love? Answer in the comments below!

Congrats to the happy couple!

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