Scary Skinny Demi Moore Has An Awkward Run-In With Ashton Kutcher


The actress makes her first red carpet appearance since filing for divorce and runs into her ex.

After spending the holidays in Turks and Caicos, clubbing and "dancing seductively" at the resort's bar with her daughter, Rumer Willis, Demi Moore is back on the mainland and made her first red carpet appearance since filing for divorce last November from husband Ashton Kutcher.

According to US Weekly, the 49-year-old looked "rail thin" at a recent charity gala in Beverly Hills, where she posed for photos next to 23-year-old Rumer. The following night, the mother-daughter duo hit a pre-Golden Globes party and had an awkward run-in with Ashton. 11 Sexy Golden Globes Looks You Can Steal For Date Night

E! Online reports that Demi and Ashton stayed on opposite sides of the party, and even when Ashton walked by his former wife of 6 years, the two didn't even acknowledge each other! 

At one point during the evening, however, Rumer supposedly decided to play peace-keeper by going over and speaking with Ashton while Demi was busy chatting with Madonna. (We wonder if they were discussing the pros and cons of dating younger men?) Demi Moore Proves There’s Hope After Divorce

Despite the awkwardness of Ashton's presence, the actress was reportedly "all smiles" during the party. It looks like Rumer has her mother's back and is going to make sure she gets through this breakup as smoothly as possible. We just hope that Rumer is encouraging her to eat!

Tell us: What happens to you when you go through a breakup, and what role does food play in your healing?

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