When It Comes To Dating, Are We Shallower Than We Admit?


liam hemsworth
New research shows we all just want to date hot people. Shocking or obvious?

If only video-chat could be an option in the early stages of online dating, the possibility of a second date might be higher. 

"We are optimistic that something along those lines would do a better job of approximating face-to-face interaction and would be a more effective means of online dating," Eastwick told LiveScience. "But we haven't done any research on that."


The bottom line is, you can try to convince yourself you're not shallow when it comes to finding love, but at the end of the day, we all are. Sure, your idea and my idea of what's sexy may be completely different (I always thought Crispin Glover was sexy in an ugly way), but we both want to score someone who embodies what we, individually, consider totally hot.  

How important is dating someone hot to you?

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