Some New Catholic Priests Allowed To Have Sex—Here's Why


priest holding Bible
Will there be uproar as ex-Episcopalian priests are allowed to forgo Catholicism's celibacy code?

It may not be the perfect belief system—I, for one, disagree with parts of Catholicism as a lifelong Protestant, brought up as a Lutheran and currently attending a Presbyterian church—but nothing on Earth is. I applaud both Catholics for opening their doors and Episcopalians for making the move. The Christian faith is based on the Bible as the supreme guide for our lives, and there are certain beliefs that Bible-based churches hold dear. Beliefs about homosexuality and abortion are just a couple, and Catholicism is closer to what the Bible teaches than the current Episcopalian faith. That is what I believe. These ex-Episcopalians must feel the same way. And that is what this should is about. Having the ability to change denominations, with current congregations intact, is a great thing. It's a sign of Christians being able to work together, which can sometimes be a struggle, on the basis of common faith and while setting aside a few differences. 

Good for these Christians for putting Biblical doctrine ahead of tradition, for placing the celibacy issue behind the bigger issues. "Almost Perfect" Husband and Wife


Joining a denomination that has a doctrine closer to what you feel the Bible teaches is better than staying put, staying unhappy and allowing your faith to become muddled. That is what the Catholic diocese for ex-Episcopalians is allowing these Christians to do. It's not about who is allowed to marry and have sex, and who isn't, and if it's even necessary. It's about becoming closer to God, and following the Bible. I would like to think Catholic priests will remember that as these ex-Episcopalian priests and congregations join their church.

It's just a feeling. But optimistically enough, I believe they will. 

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